Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring Stirrings...

Gardens have always seemed so magical to me! As the flowers slowly emerge from the soil, there's a sense of renewal in the garden...a hope of what is to come.

The flowers, bird baths, feeders & stone walls that we've added have created a habitat to attract creatures to our gardens.They've opened  up a wonderful world to observe & enjoy. The garden is a very busy place in the spring.

The birds start Spring house hunting...

...And gathering nesting material to prepare for their babies.

The butterflies start appearing again and are enjoying the beautiful Spring time blossoms!

Grape Hyacinths bring color to the early Spring garden.

The blossoms on the Crab apple trees are simply gorgeous! The bees have been swarming all over these trees the last couple days.

Daffodils are one of the first harbingers of Spring in the gardens. So cheerful!

Violas ~ a Springtime favorite!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photography, Judy!

    1. Thanks,Rita! Nature sure does provide some beautiful things to photograph! :-)