Friday, October 3, 2014

Thinking Outside The Pot ~ Unique planters

I enjoy finding vintage pieces that I can repurpose as planters for my flowers. It adds a unique feel to my potting shed & gardens.

These pretty pansies found a home in my Grandpap's old coal bucket this Summer.

Old egg baskets can be used in many ways. I lined this one with an old feed sack and placed ivy in it.

This old scale was an auction find from a couple years ago. I planted Lobelia in it and hung it on the little porch of my potting shed.

This succulent ground cover will grow anywhere! I put a couple pieces with some soil in this vintage flour sifter and it grew like crazy!

I love this old metal toy wheel barrow that I found at a flea. It makes a sweet little container to plant a few chicks in!

The Lobelia that I planted in my little wash tub has such dainty blue flowers. I tucked an old washboard and a couple vintage garden tools in the back of the wash tub for added interest.

This old wooden tool box insert is filled with a chick feeder and some of my chicks planted in an old toy wheel barrow & a graniteware ladle. 

This wooden tote was lined with plastic and planted with petunias.

A new spin on a "potted plant" ~ An old enamelware bed pan planted with Ivy and hanging on my potting shed. Every garden can use a little bit of humor in it!

A few chicks tucked into an old graniteware ladle.

My old blue enamelware bucket planted with pink petunias. It's so much fun searching fleas, auctions and antique malls for vintage pieces to use as planters! Use your imagination! ~ You might be surprised at the ideas you come up with!


  1. You have a great eye for design and creativity!! LOVE your potted pieces!!! I have a passion for this too! Blessings~~~Roxie

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Roxie ~ It's so nice to find others who share the same interests! ~ Judy

  2. Really sweet collection! Love them all..... xxx....Brooke from
    Creative Country Mom's Home and Garden

    1. Thanks Brooke! ~ I had so much fun finding the pieces to use as planters & putting them together! ~ Judy

  3. An enameled bedpan? Why can I never be lucky enough to find something so glorious?! - Karen

    1. :-) I've found 3 of them at fleas & auctions. The bedpans aren't very deep so usually I plant succulents in them because most of them have shallow root systems. They add a little humor to the garden! :~ Judy

  4. a lovely tribute to the newly retired joe, who was in madam lampini's spot for 20 years
    hand bouquet