Thursday, November 27, 2014

Peonies ~ Pretty & Pink!

I always look forward to the Peonies blooming in the Spring. Although their flowers are short lived, there is nothing that compares to their large showy blossoms

Their sweet fragrance drifts through out the garden, especially early in the morning. Gorgeous blossoms and sweet fragrance ~ who wouldn't want that as part of their garden?

Beautiful pink frilliness!

A Peony - in waiting!
Peonies exude a sweet sap that ants love!

A partially opened bud

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sad Iron

I was always curious as to why these were called sad irons. So I did what I usually do when I'm curious about something ~ I googled it! I found out that apparently sad is the old English word for solid or heavy ~ And solid they are! I can't imagine ironing with these ~ they are so heavy! I found this vintage sad iron at an auction a couple years ago.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Transforming Our Downed Tree Into A Bench ~

Our huge old Mulberry tree was brought down during a bad storm. We loved this old tree and miss seeing it's silhouette on the skyline at night. The Mulberry tree was a favorite of the birds because it was always loaded with berries. It's the reason my kids, growing up always had purple stained feet in the Summer.

My husband decided to make a bench out of part of the tree. He collects antique tools and thought it would be a fun challenge to use only those and no power tools to make it.

He used an axe & wedge to split the log. Then the bark was removed with a draw knife. A hatchet was used to rough shape the top. The top was then smoothed by using wood planes & the draw knife. Then lots & lots of hand sanding!

He enjoyed the challenge & satisfaction of making it with tools that craftsmen of the past would've used. It's nice to have a little piece of our tree displayed in our home.

The color and beauty of the grain needed no stain ~ only a couple coats of poly to protect it.

Chisels were used to inset the legs. I love the interesting looking knobby legs!

Three of tools that were used to make the bench, sitting on top of an old carpenters box.

This old wooden plane is a little work of art in itself ~ love the horn shaped knob!

These draw knives were a very useful and versatile tool used by early craftsmen.

Miller Falls #22 wood plane used to smooth the top

A carpenter himself, my husband collects antique tool boxes also. This old carpenter box is the one that the tools were sitting on.

I love the decorative brass handle and the copper nameplate on the old carpenters box.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall Asters ~

 I've had Fall Asters in my gardens for many years and they never disappoint! They're a welcome addition to any garden.

Their blooms add color to my gardens at a time when most of the other flowers are about done for the season.

Fall Asters are very hardy perennials which multiply quickly. I divide and transplant them in Spring, trying to scatter them throughout the gardens. By doing this it ensures that when Fall arrives there are touches of their vibrant color in all areas of the gardens.

One of the perks to having them in your garden is that they attract butterflies and bees. They love to swarm all over them, enjoying the nectar.

Gorgeous...easy to care for...attracts butterflies and bees...blooms when few others do...what's not to love about this beautiful perennial? I can't imagine not having it in my gardens!