Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Parkwood Potato Plow

We found this old potato plow at an auction several years ago. Our inclination is to leave the natural patina on pieces when ever possible. The elements are very hard on pieces displayed outside though, as this was, in one of our gardens for a couple years. So we decided to apply something to give it some protection so it would last longer.

We chose a transparent gray stain for the wooden handles. It  provides protection but you're still able to see the wood grain through it. We thought it would look great with some graphics on it. After we decided on the name ~ Parkwood Potato Co. ~ we made a stencil for it out of manila folders. The stencil was taped on to the handles and painted with a black paint. Parkwood, Pa. was painted on the crossbar between the two handles.

The metal was wire brushed & then a Rustoleum satin paint in red was applied to it. Once it was reassembled it was placed back out in one of the gardens. Hopefully this will extend it's life a little longer so we can continue to enjoy displaying it in our country gardens!


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