Sunday, September 6, 2015

Volunteers are Welcome

Volunteer plants are always welcome in my gardens! I enjoy the surprise of seeing where they'll pop up. I actually think their random placement gives a more natural look to the flower beds.

My gardens aren't perfect & orderly by any means. Usually at some point in summer, life gets very busy & they sort of get ahead of me. I keep telling myself as I get older that I need to downsize my gardens ...but then I find some wonderful new flower that I just have to add to the beds!

This surprise sunflower came from the birdseed that I'd put out for the birds over winter...and now the butterflies are enjoying it!

Morning Glories seem to have a mind of their own...popping up where ever they fancy to! They appeared right outside the little porch on my potting shed & vined up around the column. I loved being greeted by them every time I entered the potting shed.

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