Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tree Knot in the Garden

This is a tree knot that was sliced off of a downed tree. The hole was the entrance to a squirrels nest before the tree fell down. I thought it was interesting looking and kept it, thinking I'd use it in a project sometime. I was looking around the potting shed for some interesting containers to plant Violas in when I noticed the tree knot on a shelf. The thought crossed my  mind that a Viola would look really cute growing up through the opening.

                         Top of knot

                   Underside of knot

I chose one of the smaller Violas to plant in the garden.Then I carefully placed the tree knot down over the Viola, taking care not to damage the plant. It's grown and seems happy in the center of the knot! It sort of has a natural woodland look about it, which I like.


  1. Great idea. You are lucky you can grow violas. It's so hot here in Florida I doubt they'd survive here.

    1. Thanks! Yes, Violas definitely like the cooler temps! :-)