Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall Asters ~

 I've had Fall Asters in my gardens for many years and they never disappoint! They're a welcome addition to any garden.

Their blooms add color to my gardens at a time when most of the other flowers are about done for the season.

Fall Asters are very hardy perennials which multiply quickly. I divide and transplant them in Spring, trying to scatter them throughout the gardens. By doing this it ensures that when Fall arrives there are touches of their vibrant color in all areas of the gardens.

One of the perks to having them in your garden is that they attract butterflies and bees. They love to swarm all over them, enjoying the nectar.

Gorgeous...easy to care for...attracts butterflies and bees...blooms when few others do...what's not to love about this beautiful perennial? I can't imagine not having it in my gardens!

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