Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Pairing Of Two Vintage Pieces ~

At first glance the red Hoosier top that we found at an auction wasn't  a very attractive piece. It was  actually quite a mess! Looking past the ugly finish on it we realized that it was structurally in very good  condition. We weren't quite sure how we would use half of a Hoosier but we liked the style of it so we bought it.

My husband began to strip away the many layers of paint that had been applied to it throughout the years. As he removed the layers he found that the original color had been a turquoise with small Bing cherries on the door panels. So our plan was to restore it to the original color.

About that time we found this great vintage porcelain top table with turned legs and curved leaves @ a flea market. We thought that the two pieces would go well together. So our plan changed and we decided to use the colors from the table to unify the two pieces.

We removed one of the leaves of the table and took it to Lowe's to have the paint color matched. The interior was painted the creamy off white and the exterior the green of the table top edge. My husband attached the top to the wall and we placed the table underneath it.

There is a bread box inside the left side of the Hoosier top. The  cute design on the door are punched holes for air vents.

I often times leave the door on the right side open to be able to see some of the items displayed inside. ~ An old sugar sack is displayed hanging over the door.

Among the items displayed in the Hoosier top are Jadeite, green depression glass, Hazel Atlas hoosier salt & pepper shakers, old enamelware, an old scale, etc. .......

I love the little drawer with the vintage glass knob on it! If you look above the knob on the pull out leaf you will see the makers mark.

This is the side view of where the leaves slide in under the table top. We haven't done anything to the table except to scrub it. Eventually we may strip and paint it the creamy off white. It has some marks on it and some chipped paint but I'm okay with that ~ It just shows that it's been well loved!

A look from above at the curved pull out leaf. I love the shape of the leaves.  I love using vintage pieces in my home and potting shed. Pieces from the past and their history are so interesting!

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