Friday, August 8, 2014

A New Spin On A "Potted Plant"

I love finding unique pieces to use as planters around my home & potting shed. I've used several old bedpans that I've found at flea markets & auctions for planters the last couple Summers. The bedpans aren't very deep so usually I plant succulents in them because most of them have shallow root systems. This Summer I decided to try to find another way to use them ~

 I thought that if I turned it on end & hung it so that the deeper end was on the bottom I would be able to plant something different in it. So I drilled a hole on the back so I would be able to hang it on my Potting Shed. I then placed a piece of landscaping fabric in the bottom so that potting soil wouldn't fall out of the spout opening. I planted Ivy in the bedpan, thinking that  would look interesting spilling out over the bottom of it.  It's a unique planter & I think every garden can use a little bit of humor in it!

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